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What Does My Retirement Look Like?

Physical medicine and chiropractic care can improve your quality of life.

Reading through some study journals from my graduate school years I ran across this quote:

“Most people are seeing themselves into old age, retired, enjoying strolls on the beach with their loved ones and playing with their children. The sad fact is most people are not living in such a way now to allow them to live the way they think they will live into their old age.”

I see me retiring like something like this:

Farmington Sports Medicine and Chiropractic









The follow up question for myself is, am I living in such a way that I can reach that direction? Or am I living in a way that leads to this type of retirement?

farmington sports medicine and chiropractic

I’ve heard that a plane, on average, is off course over 90% of the time. Yet, somehow, I arrive at my destination. Everytime. There must be a lot of adjusting, correcting, and getting back on track.

This really is the same with our health. It’s not about being perfect and eating nothing but organic broccoli florets 110% of the time (besides, who would want to live that life anyways?), it’s about getting back on track after we veer off course.

Am I making the necessary adjustments to reach that final destination of reaching retirement and having the physical and mental capacity to enjoy my latter years? Am I exercising often? Am I eating well more than eating junk food? Am I spending money on necessary check-ups and medical services? Am I flossing? Am I nurturing relationships that brighten my life?

I’m grateful for whoever taught me this principle in school. There are changes to be made. See you at 100.


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